The Hobbit – My Two Cents on High Frame Rate

I sat anxiously in the theater waiting for The Hobbit to start, everything I knew about what to expect from high frame rate had me nervous. Would it look like I was watching a 60fps soap opera? Would it have that tainted aesthetic of every consumer digital video camera from the days before the 24fps 35mm DSLR revolution? I had made a pact with myself though. Throw away any preconceived notions about the format and simply watch it with an open mind.

The Price of a Large Sensor Digital Cinema Camera Infographic: Mind the Gap

With the popularity of large sensor digital cinema cameras in full swing, recently re-stoked by the release of the RED Scarlet-X and Canon C300, I got to thinking how the proverbial “gap” would look if it was represented visually.  Go back a couple of years and you basically had four choices. Film, RED One, ARRI Alexa & DSLR’s. It is amazing how much the gaps between all of these cameras has closed.