My 2016 Director & Animator Showreel

After much too long of a wait, I am happy to introduce my 2016 Director & Animator showreel. Here are two minutes of some of some cool projects I have had a hand in creating.

For the full pieces, visit:

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for watching!

Introducing: The Weekly Roundup

Part of my job as a Director is to stay in sync-step with whats going on in the industry. That means staying abreast to new styles and trends as well as exploring novel techniques and time saving pipelines.

As I come across things I save them to my Vimeo “Likes”, which becomes a highly curated gallery of interesting work from around the web. Starting today I will be doing a new series where I showcase all the videos I liked on Vimeo during the week. For now the running title is The Weekly Roundup.