Technicolor CineStyle DSLR Color Profile: First Impressions & Tests

This is by no means a in depth technical review of the new Technicolor CineStyle color profile, it is just my first tests and impressions. Take it with a grain of salt.

All of this is shot with the Canon 7D on the 50mm f/1.8.

This color profile offers the most grading lattitude of all of the profiles I have used before. Overall I was really impressed with the profile and plan to use it more in the future. I will post more as I use it more. I would do through tests before you use it on a big shoot since it is so new. The only feedback I have is it looks like the profile makes things a little brighter so you might want to err on the side of underexposing when in doubt. I also ran into system stability issues on my MacBook Pro when I had all three videos with the LUTBuddy plug-in running.

Download the profile here:​en/​hi/​cinema/​filmmaking/​digital-printer-lights/​cinestyle