Project Organization for Video Production: Freebies and Folder Structures

Anyone that works in video production or visual effects knows data storage can be a task in itself. Just one of the open projects I am working on, out of the dozen or so, is over 200GB and has more than 1500 files associated with it. The challenge of data wrangling can slow down a busy production pipeline and get in the way of creativity. So how do you create order out of this potential chaos?

The first and most important step is to have a documented process and stick to it. Having all of your projects look the same under the hood ensures that not only will it streamline your process during a project but it will also be easy for you to find what you are looking for years down the road if you have to revisit a project, or if you have to pass it on to another person.

There is a great free app that I use called Post Haste, which creates a folder structure based on a template you create. You just specify the name of the project (and any other information you want to include) and then Post Haste creates a new project folder with all the files named and ready to go. The cool part is that you can create a bin structure inside your favorite programs like After Effects or Final Cut and save this as part of the template. What this means is that every time Post Haste creates a new project all you have to do is open your After Effects or Final Cut Pro file and start working, no setup time needed!

You can download Post Haste for free over at Digital Rebellion.

To help you get started, you can download the project template that we use at Isaac Murray Studios! This folder structure has been built over the span of many years, evolving from practical experience while working on motion graphics, advertisements, and short films. I hope it can help you on your next project!

To download our custom Post Haste folder structure, click the download button below.

Download our Free Production Folder Structure




  1. Dennis Gutensays:

    Thanks man. Looks like a good program. Just downloaded. Don’t do much video but will try and adapt for web design.

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