Autodesk Shows Mograph Some Love with Maya 2017

Autodesk shows a new commitment to the art of motion graphics with the Maya 2017 release. With the addition of the MASH procedural animation toolkit, it looks like Maya is positioning itself to be a more dedicated player in the world of Mograph. I’m excited to upgrade and check out the features for myself.

Introducing: The Weekly Roundup

Part of my job as a Director is to stay in sync-step with whats going on in the industry. That means staying abreast to new styles and trends as well as exploring novel techniques and time saving pipelines.

As I come across things I save them to my Vimeo “Likes”, which becomes a highly curated gallery of interesting work from around the web. Starting today I will be doing a new series where I showcase all the videos I liked on Vimeo during the week. For now the running title is The Weekly Roundup.

The Hobbit – My Two Cents on High Frame Rate

I sat anxiously in the theater waiting for The Hobbit to start, everything I knew about what to expect from high frame rate had me nervous. Would it look like I was watching a 60fps soap opera? Would it have that tainted aesthetic of every consumer digital video camera from the days before the 24fps 35mm DSLR revolution? I had made a pact with myself though. Throw away any preconceived notions about the format and simply watch it with an open mind.