Apple Releases Free 30 day trial for Final Cut Pro X

For those that might have missed it, Apple released the controversial redesign of Final Cut Pro X in late June 2011 that has left many professional editors feeling that they have been left behind. The reboot took out many features that are vital in a professional workflow as well as strand all previous projects with no backwards compatibility. For some the resemblance to iMovie was enough to walk away from the editing suite.

I for one have played with the software and determined in the first 10 minutes of using it that it would not work with our existing pipeline. I also talked with a Apple rep for an hour trying to address all of our concerns about where the product might fall short. Most of my concerns were left unanswered or were bundled into statements like, “It’s the first release its bound to have problems.” or my favorite, “It’s just $300 bucks, give it a try and make your own decision.” In all fairness I did not have the time to put all of my open projects in a holding pattern to learn a new program and really put it through its paces.

Now editors can give the app a test drive since Apple has (finally) released a free trial version of the software. With more eyes on the app, how will the reviews pan out?

Go give it a try and post your reactions in the comments below. Is it as bad as the early adopters said it was, or did the program not get the reviews it deserved?

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